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Too many enterprises still not doing mobile apps right

Apple released the first iPhone less than 10 years ago — on June 29, 2007, to be precise. Yet so integral has mobile technology become to our personal and work lives, it feels like we’ve always been in the mobile era. So how come so many enterprise employees remain dissatisfied with the mobile tools they’re provided […]

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Don’t be a Data Vandal!

I started using email in 1995 - in the days when each person could have their own dedicated IP address, and email clients were command-line driven and stored their data locally. I quickly realized … [Continue Reading]

Smart enterprises have smart workplaces

Technology matters to enterprise employees: You've heard it many times before (including here and here), but now there's a new large global study that underscores the importance of technology to … [Continue Reading]

Keep your new iPhone secure

Your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus has arrived, or soon will. Getting a new phone is always fun, but it’s also a good time for a fresh start, a more secure start. Fortunately, with the tools Apple … [Continue Reading]

Reducing mobile apps development time is becoming mission-critical

Last week I wrote about how enterprises trying to build an effective DevOps operation need the right mix of skills and teamwork. Enterprise Mobility Exchange contributor Eric Klein recently posted … [Continue Reading]

For smart cities, the future is now

Long has civilization imagined and reimagined the city of the future. In 1900, French artist Jean Marc Cote produced a series of fascinating illustrations envisioning “France in the Year 2000,” a … [Continue Reading]

The chance of a lifetime

On Tuesday 8th March 2016, 10pm French time, the home phone rang. The caller, a friend and CSC Distinguished Engineer, asked for me. “Hey Martin, dya have a moment?” “Er, OK, what’s up?” (We work on … [Continue Reading]

Computing, without a server 

Serverless Computing… I find this to be a confusing term.  The definition of serverless computing is that it doesn’t mean there is no computing infrastructure – it’s just that the “consumers” don’t … [Continue Reading]

What elements go into Apple iOS security?

Apple users are now either happily picking up or awaiting delivery of their new iPhone 7s. That makes now an ideal time to review the many security elements in iPhone hardware and software … [Continue Reading]

How organizations can prepare for emerging tech — and why they should

Do you ever find yourself talking to inanimate objects? My husband does it all the time, and I do it occasionally. My children like to talk to the DVD player, laptop, phone, TV and any digital … [Continue Reading]

3 keys to surviving transformation in the insurance industry

Key shifts in the insurance industry are precipitating deep, disruptive waves of change. These shifts have insurers rethinking every aspect of the business, from their relationship with customers, … [Continue Reading]

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