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U.S. to share supply chain threat intel with industry

In an effort to better manage threats targeting the U.S. telecommunications, energy and financial industries, the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center is about to begin providing classified supply chain threat reports to these critical organizations. Threats to the acquisition supply chain have been discussed for years, and they have their own discipline, known as […]

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Banking is changing: SWOT of new and old actors

We sometimes hear people say that an “Apple Bank” or “Google Bank” could knock out traditional banks overnight. Is that really possible? I think a knockout is absolute nonsense, but those parties … [Continue Reading]

IDMP SPOR: Strong Presentation on Requirements

On August 4, 2016, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave a web presentation on “SPOR Data Services” related to IDMP. For those of you who haven’t been binge-watching, IDMP is the Identification … [Continue Reading]

Questions to consider when developing apps for wearables

When we talk about wearables in the enterprise, most of us immediately think about smartwatches -- and understandably so. Global sales of smartwatches are expected to more than double to 66.7 million … [Continue Reading]

The exponential edge

What's in an edge? What's in a cutting edge? What's in a bleeding edge? When I look at those phrases, I envision scary, almost violent images. Why do we use such words to indicate innovation and … [Continue Reading]

Social engineering: Hacking the human mind

Social engineering is a method to manipulate people into doing something, such as divulging confidential information. It could be seen as the hacking of the human mind. Compared to, for example, … [Continue Reading]

4 personal brands CIOs need to invest in now

I’ve written often about the urgent necessity for CIOs to build a “brand called IT” in order to remain relevant in a world of shadow IT and Chief Digital Officers. Many of my suggestions have been … [Continue Reading]

Keeping up in an ever-extending vendor universe

As companies evolve and their exponentially expanding requirements need to be satisfied, third parties and vendors come more and more into play. The reasons for this are justified. As more companies … [Continue Reading]

The Age of Agile

There have been such events before. Events so profound that they shape all society in ways inconceivable to their originators. Will the agile movement have such a profound effect? Will it be seen … [Continue Reading]

What technology are you ‘hefted’ to?

I love to walk in the hills of the English Lake District. This area of the country is famous for a particular variety of sheep, the Herdwick, which have been indigenous in this area for over 1,000 … [Continue Reading]

Contextual authentication offers just the right amount of mobile security

A blog post I wrote last month about how a well-run enterprise BYOD program can make employees more productive and loyal made a reference at the end to "contextual authentication," an analytics-based … [Continue Reading]

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