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Leading the Digital Business Jim Houghton

Leading the digital business, beyond the technology

With the digital transformation now well under way, most, if not all, companies and industries are figuring out how to manage the great disruption it brings. New technologies – cloud, social, mobile, data analytics and modern networks, platforms and apps – have thoroughly changed the way we do business today. And those companies at the […]

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Rebranding procurement for smart and agile innovation

There used to be no greater oxymoron than procurement innovation. The procurement department was stereotyped as being about as glamorous as a term life policy. But now, in many segments, a new art … [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Biometrics in a Regulatory Submission

Changing regulations and new requirements about how data needs to be gathered and presented in a submission is creating challenges for life sciences companies, and in particular for smaller companies … [Continue Reading]

Report: Productivity boost proves catalyst for BYOD management

In Chris Nerney’s post from about a year ago, "BYOD workers don’t care about security, but IT still has to," a survey of over 11,500 workers in about 24 countries found that 31% of them had lost … [Continue Reading]

Windows 10: Mapping your journey

For most people thinking about Windows 10, their views are focused on features and how these will help make their world more efficient. For End User Technologists, Windows 10 brings new thoughts: … [Continue Reading]

Too much big data for you? Focus instead on ‘smart data’

Last week I wrote about the benefits and disadvantages of "data lakes," huge repositories of different data types stored in raw form that are easily accessible to employees for analysis. Data lakes … [Continue Reading]

Taking the C-Track to Document Management

Life sciences companies are seeking to be more flexible and yet have greater control over how they manage their content and documents. They must juggle demands that appear to be contradictory. Systems … [Continue Reading]

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan awakens nation to modern-day threat

On 21 April 2016, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull officially launched the Federal government’s national cybersecurity strategy. This initiative provides the pivotal step needed for the greater … [Continue Reading]

Security as a Service: Do you get the service you expected?

Following this article about why organizations should outsource security services, in this post I offer some further considerations. Adding external IT service providers to your company’s IT … [Continue Reading]

Security as a Service: How to get the service you expect

This article takes you on a comprehensive tour de force of Managed Security Services (MSS). Learn why organizations outsource security services, how they select providers, how the two sides work … [Continue Reading]

What I learned from our FIRST Robotics team  

My involvement with the FIRST Robotics program began six years ago when one of our Aerospace and Defense clients asked to "borrow a laptop for a robotics team that is going to a world … [Continue Reading]

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