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If you don’t have a mobile Center of Excellence, you should

The concept of a mobile “Center of Excellence” (CoE) appears to have hit the radar in 2013, judging by headlines found in a Google search, “Why You Need A Mobile Center Of Excellence,” “How to Build a Successful Mobile Center of Excellence,” and my favorite, “Mobile Centers of Excellence: A Stupid Name for A Smart […]

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Exploring the changes in front-end tech for banking

To start, a short recap of this series and my last post: Four dimensions are relevant to understanding the ongoing changes in banking: 1) The change in back-end tech for banking (discussed in my … [Continue Reading]

Agility Platform Azure Adapter version 3.1.0 released

I previously provided an update on the Agility Platform's Azure Adapter used to enhance our integration with Microsoft Azure by providing formal support for Resource Manager. Now  I want to share with … [Continue Reading]

The new ways of working

With Generation Y, a new generation of young, well-educated people with a high affinity for technology and modern means of communication join the workforce. Raised in the era of Internet and … [Continue Reading]

Operational efficiency: The art of the possible in maritime

I want to walk you through a day aboard a modern catcher-processor, a ship like the Alaska Ocean. These incredible vessels have efficiency down to an art. The day begins with a crew of about … [Continue Reading]

5 lessons from a past intern’s path to success

Orientation serves as a period of acclimation for new hires and interns, a time to get accustomed to the work space, culture and tools. A good orientation session will also provide guidance, lessons … [Continue Reading]

Do this to increase the visibility of smart city initiatives

In my recent international travels, I’ve made an effort to ask common citizens why they think their cities deserve the recognition of being among the smartest in the world. Residents of Barcelona, … [Continue Reading]

Summer of Cyber: Is Your Healthcare Organization Prepared?

It’s been a rough summer for healthcare organizations when it comes to data security. June saw a record number of incidents, with the information of 11 million patients breached in 29 different … [Continue Reading]

On the shoulders of Big Friendly Giants in the workplace

We all stand on the shoulders of giants, people who have led the way in our industry and workplace. (A wise Big Friendly Giant told me this recently. I told him that was a lovely title for a blog … [Continue Reading]

Do wearables pose a threat to corporate data?

The wearable revolution is just beginning to penetrate the enterprise. Smartwatches in particular are common among enterprise employees who want the convenience of syncing their watches to their … [Continue Reading]

Auto industry is recovering, but the future looks uncertain

Massive, if not staggering, changes are dramatically affecting the Manufacturing arena. The production for the Automotive industry, from afar, looks stellar in that a 17M Unit SaaR is virtually … [Continue Reading]

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