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Are undetected biases distorting your big data results?

Big data and analytics can open the doors of perception for many enterprises, introducing them to new insights that can drive their businesses to greater heights. However, just because you have data doesn’t mean you have accurate data or that you’re interpreting it correctly. Inaccurate and misinterpreted data can drive your business into the ground. […]

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Compute Workload Abstraction – Part 3, or Rules are there to contain the fun

This is part three in a series exploring the topic of compute workload abstraction, in parts one and two we looked at containers and how standardisation helps to build solid services. In this part we … [Continue Reading]

The five Black Hat 2015 must-see events

Next week is the Black Hat 2015 conference in Las Vegas. Last year, more than 9,000 security pros attended to learn the latest cybersecurity buzz, vulnerabilities, and infiltration techniques. If … [Continue Reading]

Getting employees to use your enterprise mobile apps

Mobile applications have the power to help transform a business, but only if employees use them. Unfortunately, many enterprises develop mobile apps that are greeted by workers with a distinct lack of … [Continue Reading]

What does it really take to support veterans?

CSC has been proactively supporting veterans for over a decade and has been named a Top Veteran Friendly Employer by GI Jobs magazine. But what does it take to support veterans and their families? I … [Continue Reading]

Pinkerton’s Paradox

 By CSC's Eric Pinkerton Benjamin Franklin proclaimed that “You can do anything you set your mind to.”  After watching Return of the Jedi when I was nine, I set my mind to telekinesis.  It took me … [Continue Reading]

SAP UX RDS in a Nutshell

Improving User Experience is something SAP has been increasingly focusing on for the past couple of years. SAP UX affects all areas of SAP and to let the customers experience the new UX, SAP has … [Continue Reading]

4 Lessons From a Marketing Intern at an IT Company

By Taylor Glazebrook | LinkedIn | Twitter When I got my internship offer from the marketing department at CSC, I was ecstatic. This was an offer from leaders in the work I wanted to do, and people … [Continue Reading]

Persuading the Unpersuadables

The other day I met with a new startup company that has as its core purpose the improvement of the health of people with chronic and pre-chronic conditions via a cognitive behavioral platform. This is … [Continue Reading]

Draft EU eCTD Module 1 v3 – A Toe Dipped in the eCTD 4 Waters

It’s only been a little more than a month since FDA began accepting their eCTD Module 1 version 2.3, but Europe is quickly catching up. We’d been hearing rumors of a new version of the European … [Continue Reading]

Compute Workload Abstraction – Part 2, or Virtualization is dead, long live Virtualization!

This is part two of a series exploring the topic of compute workload abstraction. In part one we looked at the unsung hero in virtualization, the HAL, and in this part we dive a little deeper and … [Continue Reading]

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