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Now that’s digital marketing

Digital transformation is a reality for every company in every industry today. Having recently undertaken its own digital journey, CSC has embraced an approach that focuses on strategic partnerships and a commitment to technology-independent lT solutions. Those efforts are reflected in the company’s digital-native approach to marketing, as CSC’s head of global brand and digital […]

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IDMP Lessons: What’s in a Name?

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve provided any "how-to" information for IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products), so it’s time for a new installment of IDMP Lessons. One of the more difficult … [Continue Reading]

The Dyn DNS attacks: What we know now

If you thought the massive Internet outage on Friday, Oct. 21, was over, you’d better think again. According to news reports that are just surfacing, the operators of the botnet are selling access to … [Continue Reading]

Healthcare 3.0: The benefits of an open digital health platform

You may have noticed the plethora of blogs and articles recently on the concept of “digital platform.” Setting aside semantics and current hype, I believe this architecture paradigm is very well … [Continue Reading]

Video conferencing helps the enterprise — and your career

Digital collaboration platforms are flourishing as enterprise demand increases for productivity tools that enable team members in different locations to discuss ideas and strategies. A new report … [Continue Reading]

How IoT is disrupting population health

Few would argue that that personal fitness devices have gone mainstream. Bragging about reaching your 10,000 steps for the day has become standard dinner or cocktail conversation. Even the daily … [Continue Reading]

Customer experience, GRC and efficiency continue to be key issues for banks

A survey I'm conducting of 20 financial institutions reveals that the key challenges facing the industry center around: (1) Enhancing Customer Experience (2) Governance, Risk & … [Continue Reading]

Blockchain: Trusting the Genie in the Lamp

With every new day comes a whole new world, with new and wondrous riches such as the complex and mind-blowing technology of blockchain. It seems everyone, from well-known companies to startups, … [Continue Reading]

Global security spending to exceed $100 billion by 2020

Research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) recently forecast that worldwide revenues for security-related hardware, software and services will grow from $73.7 billion in 2016 to $101.6 billion … [Continue Reading]

When a high-profile user rejects enterprise-issued technology

There's one ultimate measure of technology's effectiveness in the workplace: Does it advance the goals of the organization? On the ground level, the answer to that question depends on whether the … [Continue Reading]

Competing effectively during slower economic growth

New technologies, new competitors and empowered consumers are driving most insurers along a journey of digital transformation in some shape or form. For many insurers, a lion’s share of the IT … [Continue Reading]

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