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Cloudy But Warm: What You Need to Know About Cloud Before You Take the Plunge – Part 1

As life sciences companies come under pressure to cut costs and simplify how data is shared, they are seeing the cloud as an opportunity to manage enterprise-wide information. The industry however, has been reluctant to move to the cloud for both IT and business reasons. By Dawn Waite, Manager, Life Sciences in the Cloud There […]

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Ways smart cities derive data insight from mainstream apps

My friend John still waits in the incredibly long cash payment line at the MassPike toll booths because he’s under the illusion that he’ll remain anonymous on the state’s databases as opposed to if he … [Continue Reading]

Picking The Right Mobile App Dev Technique, Part 1

In my role at CSC as Lead Global Mobility Architect, I am often asked to support or refute a team’s mobility development choices.  I tend to avoid these discussions entirely by leveraging our … [Continue Reading]

Putting Agility into Regulatory – A Difficult but Transformative Journey

Agility and regulatory are not two words that typically reside in the same sentence, never mind the same thought process in life sciences. The regulatory space is filled with complexity, massive … [Continue Reading]

Eleven law firms set sights on Target for data breach

Most experts expected that retailer Target would face a class action lawsuit over the 2013 data breach that exposed the personal information of 70 million customers and the account details pertaining … [Continue Reading]

Routers vulnerable to hacks through hidden backdoors

For whatever reason, some security vulnerabilities, no matter how seemingly straightforward to remedy, seem to persist forever. Case in point: the brouhaha this week surrounding router … [Continue Reading]

Four Feral Job Titles for the Well-Branded IT Organization

During the halcyon days of Fast Company magazine (remember those?) there was a regular column titled “Job Titles We Love.” I’ve used that column over the years as a model for identifying titles, … [Continue Reading]

Career plan: how to start and become successful?

More often than not, I am asked for career advice. How did I get started? How did I get to where I am today? What can I do to have a strong career plan for myself? Given we are all back from summer … [Continue Reading]

Beyond the Comfort Zone – The Digital CIO

I recently came across an article in the British CIO Magazine, titled ‘Beyond the Comfort Zone’ and describing an IDG survey among CIOs. Only two out of ten respondents felt fit to fulfil the role of … [Continue Reading]

Using analytics to improve IT operations

Enterprise decision makers typically have turned to big data and analytics to help accomplish certain business goals, such as growing revenue, acquiring more customers, and reducing operating … [Continue Reading]

Is “sharing” really “caring”?

The Telegraph recently published an article based on the announcement that high street pharmacies will be given access to NHS medical records in a move that has provoked privacy campaigners. There are … [Continue Reading]

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