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BYOD workers don’t care about security, but IT still has to

It is absolutely no news to IT professionals that many BYOD employees have a lax attitude about security. But in case you like to quantify such indifference, a recent survey by Aruba Networks of more than 11,500 workers in nearly two dozen countries shows that nearly one-third (31%) of respondents surveyed admitted to losing enterprise […]

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How important is mobile? Ask Facebook and Google

Many enterprises still grapple with the "value proposition" of mobile. While they believe mobile can benefit the business, they hesitate to make a big commitment because they can't articulate or even … [Continue Reading]

Steps to Securing the Cloud

By Peter Rehäußer, CSC Cybersecurity Cloud computing is here to stay. Its use continues to grow in many industries, even as the debate on cloud security continues. Part of the problem may be that … [Continue Reading]

UK General Elections: Party Promises

This is part of a series of blog posts covering a range of issues on health and social care before the UK general elections in May, and focusing on their impact on the future of health and social care … [Continue Reading]

IDMP: I’m Doing More Presenting

On April 20th, just three weeks before the DIA e-Regulatory and Intelligence Conference, May 11-13 in Philadelphia, I received an invitation to speak on one of my favorite topics, IDMP. I'm already … [Continue Reading]

How Does the Digital Community Affect the Car Industry and the Architecture Team?

Currently, there are many discussions with customers about digital strategies, the impact on business strategies and models and the role of enterprise architecture in the process. In these … [Continue Reading]

The Life of a Rivet: Personalizing Manufacturing Through Social Media

Predictions by Cleriti currently show that by 2023, “53% of manufacturing design and production processes will be digitized, and social media is a key component.” Half of the manufacturing lifecycle … [Continue Reading]

Managing Separation: How Divestment and Splits Create Different Complications

By Cem Tanyel, Vice President and General Manager,  Healthcare and Life Sciences Software & Solutions There have been many conversations about mergers and acquisitions in pharma – why … [Continue Reading]

The Big Trends at RSA This Week

It’s that time again this week, when the eyes of the information security community are on the RSA Conference. As the conference gets older, the conversation around IT security has changed … [Continue Reading]

Containers: In the beginning

Today, containers are the hot topic of cloud computing. With them, system designers and cloud architects can have as many as six times the number of server applications on a hardware server as you can … [Continue Reading]

Data analytics as a talent retention tool

Enterprises increasingly use big data and analytics to better understand customers and improve business processes. The former can lead to increased revenue and new market opportunities, while the … [Continue Reading]

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