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Are best-of-breed systems actually best for banks?

In the current marketplace, every bank wants to be a best-of-breed financial institution. Having the right technology and infrastructure in place can enable banks to innovate, to differentiate and to maintain a competitive edge. However, chasing best-of-breed technologies is not always the best way to become a best-of-breed bank. Instead, banks should opt for solutions […]

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Chat bots and mobile: The perfect match?

Business Insider recently released a report from its BI Intelligence unit exploring "the growing and disruptive bot landscape." One of the key takeaways was this: "Chatbots are particularly well … [Continue Reading]

From Branded to Generic – Staying on Top of Labeling Changes

For companies with marketed medicinal products, it would be difficult to imagine a time when labeling changes or updates wouldn’t be occurring. Since labeling requirements extend to any and all … [Continue Reading]

CSC Agility Platform now integrated with Docker Swarm

The CSC Agility Platform team has just released a brand new integration (Adapter) to Docker Swarm. Docker Swarm is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. Swarm allows IT … [Continue Reading]

Why customer personas matter

I’ve spent much of my life in the media business trying to define the audiences that our editorial products were targeting. The reason was very simple. Advertisers were looking to share their … [Continue Reading]

Asia-Pacific emerging as digital trailblazer, thanks to mobility

Given the huge number of mobile connections in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – 3.1 billion expected by 2020 — it should probably be no surprise that APAC companies plan to increase their use of … [Continue Reading]

What will 2017 bring to smart cities?

What do the pundits see the future holding for smart cities? Interestingly,  many of the predictions have to do with what smart cities will not do, rather than what they will accomplish. This maps … [Continue Reading]

The next wave of digital interface: Virtual and augmented reality

While wearable and mobile technologies have been gaining tremendous traction in the enterprise realm, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technologies, now hold immense potential. Traditionally, … [Continue Reading]

Is management synonymous with leadership?

When we hear the term "leader," our minds instantly turn to our managers, CEOs, executives and other company higher ups. But they’re not the only leaders in our lives. What about our mothers/fathers, … [Continue Reading]

Conducting your career like an orchestra

More than 50 musicians gather on the stage and prepare their instruments for the concert: strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. The conductor steps up to the rostrum, raises her baton and the … [Continue Reading]

Is Saas simply the ‘cloudification’ of apps?

Some may view a transition to Software as a Service (SaaS) as simply the “cloudification” of applications. But in many cases, SaaS delivers richer, more relevant features and functions than packaged … [Continue Reading]

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