Innovation, Collaboration and Pace – Digitizing the Life Sciences Value Chain

Last week I was at CSC’s Outperform Client Conference in Orlando. Talking to our clients – mostly users of our life sciences software products and business process services – I was struck by two things. Firstly, the feedback from clients was that we are really raising our game with our latest products. Secondly though, there’s a lot left to do to help them on their digital journeys.

By Andrea Fiumicelli, Vice President and General Manager, Global Healthcare and Life Sciences

CSC has a clear point of view about digitizing the life sciences value chain, which is rooted in the transformation of the healthcare ecosystem. We are moving from a rigid, task-defined healthcare environment with life sciences companies taking their specialized place, to a collaborative and fluid health and wellness ecosystem. With the focus firmly on precision medicine, personalized care and population health, we are seeing convergence, collaboration and new kinds of competition.

One of the examples I gave at Outperform was MACRA (the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) in the United States. MACRA is intended to move the model towards merit-based incentive payment systems, and other alternative payment methods. What does that mean for life sciences organizations? It’s a direct financial influence on the ecosystem, which shifts the market landscape. If reimbursements move to a value-based model, then will payment by results for drugs and medical devices be next?

Add to that, the need to up the pace of the supply chain to deal with personalized care and precision medicine, and life sciences companies are going to need to innovate and reinvent like never before.

Returning to our life sciences software products and business process services, we’re focusing on digitization to drive collaboration and pace.

One of the things we talked about at Outperform was FirstDoc User Experience. This latest version of FirstDoc is engineered to support collaboration inside and outside of the enterprise, and provide regulatory teams with the ability to work anywhere and anytime. We also showed a preview of a FirstDoc mobile app, which takes the pace one step further.

We were also privileged to have Bristol Myers Squibb talk about how they reinvented their regulatory information management model completely by taking a business process services approach. We are providing them with a complete outsourced service that will both accelerate the approval process and save money.

Meeting clients and understanding what we can do for them is the most important part of my job. At Outperform two things became clear: Our clients are doing extraordinary things in response to the transforming healthcare landscape, and they’re looking to their partners to help them drive innovation, collaboration and pace.

We’re here to help them on that journey.

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