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What’s driving business to Oracle cloud?

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Moving to the cloud is no longer an option but a necessity. Traditional ERP simply does not offer and cannot leverage digital technologies at a rapid enough pace to accommodate innovation in the marketplace. In a recent APQC survey, 76% of business leaders said their current ERP system is unacceptable due to a lack of […]

How digital apps can make airline operations smarter, better for customers

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A weather event or dreaded technology blip has delayed or canceled flights in your airport. Your staff scrambles at the gates, trying to respond to passengers and help them find alternative ways to their destination. Tensions are high, and customers are not happy. To defray nerves and improve the response, you whip out your airline’s […]

A cloud roadmap for business success

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Do you see your business in any of these scenarios? You still rely on manual data entry and reporting processes to keep your business up and running, but it’s time-consuming, labor intensive and an inefficient use of resources. You know there’s a better way. Business is booming, and expansion is imminent – through mergers and […]

Modern applications: Leverage what you have, build what you need

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If you’re in the midst of implementing a digital transformation for your business (“de rigueur” this year, along with outsourcing selfies to your personal drone), it’s likely you’ll be spending a fair amount of time thinking about what to do with the IT applications. Much has been made of modernizing the legacy applications to enable […]

Using digital tools to help customers become smart travelers

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I think we can all agree that air travel is an amazing thing. In today’s world, we can go from Toronto to Hong Kong, from Dallas to Doha, from Johannesburg to Atlanta, Georgia in less than a day’s time – simply by boarding one comfortable, modern airplane. That’s truly amazing, right? But when considering the […]

Simplifying the path to business transformation with SAP

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Today’s enterprises are looking to radically enhance business operations to meet new and complex demands. This idea of business transformation is something we talk about a lot at CSC, especially as it relates to the adoption of digital tools needed for enterprises to succeed. At CSC, we call this the Journey to the Digital Enterprise, […]

Inherently Secure Big Data Architecture


The big data security conundrum Security and regulatory compliance is hugely important in today’s IT landscape. Internal and external threats to corporate infrastructure is increasing in frequency, and the consequences of data leaks are becoming increasingly severe. While traditional databases and data center architectures have many established solutions for data security, big data solutions like […]

10 Things Board Members Should Know About Cybersecurity

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Security is – like most business decisions – not a democratic decision. You as board member, CEO, COO or CFO define the level of security your company stands for. The challenge is that you speak a different language than your security professionals. They might seem overly paranoid or technical for you and do not understand […]

How to Win the Red Queen’s Race


By Mike G. Williams, General Manager, Application Modernization and Cloud, CSC In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, he relates this wonderfully imaginative incident known as the Red Queen’s Race:  “Well, in our country,” said Alice, still panting a little, “you’d generally get to somewhere else — if you run very […]

ERPs: Finally Moving at the Speed of Business

By Jonathan Ebsworth, global head of Enterprise Solutions & Systems Integration, CSC Now more than ever, the cloud is empowering enterprises by accelerating innovation, delivering business agility and reducing costs. That’s why a cloud infrastructure is a vital part of many application modernization efforts. Organizations have already moved many customer-facing applications to the cloud. But now […]