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Will the computer mouse go the way of the rotary phone?

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Ever hear stories about how when millennials, as children, were shown old rotary-dial telephones, they would press on the numbers instead of rotating the “dial” clockwise? (I’m not making this up.) Well, not many years from now, you can expect a blank stare from the recent college grads in your department when you sit them down in […]

Virtual reality for enterprise marketers not quite reality yet

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An increasing number of enterprise marketing departments are aggressively embracing — and, in many cases, allocating marketing budget dollars toward — emerging technologies. That’s great; in fact, the digital economy demands (and rewards) agility and forward-thinking. But as with comedy, timing is key to the effective use of new technologies. And according to one major technology […]

Intel is getting ready for a post-PC world

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Moore’s Law — which states that processing power doubles every two years — has been a guiding principle of computing for decades. But technological progress finally may be outpacing Moore’s Law, and chipmaker Intel wants to be ready. As IDG News Service reports, Intel is spending money developing “technologies to drive computing beyond today’s PCs […]

5G will transform enterprise mobile

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Some big changes to network speed and mobile applications are just around the corner, and enterprises would be wise to prepare. So says a comprehensive annual report from enterprise consultancy Deloitte. Perhaps the most significant development for enterprise mobile initiatives is the rollout of 5G, the fifth generation of cellular networks. Deloitte predicts “significant tangible steps toward the […]

Productivity and collaboration require the right workplace environments

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A growing number of technologies allow enterprise employees to work in ways that seemed inconceivable 10 years ago. Cloud computing, wireless, mobile and other technologies now enable a home-based developer in Europe to collaborate with development teammates at headquarters in the U.S., or a traveling EVP of sales to meet remotely with the marketing team to strategize […]

Wishful thinking is not a mobile security strategy

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Fear is a gift. Sure, it can generate anxiety and discomfort, but fear is a gift because it has the power to motivate changes in behavior that can improve our well-being. We probably all know someone who has redesigned his or her diet and lifestyle after a big health scare. There are endless other examples of fear-based behavior modification, […]

Will this Google upgrade boost productivity for mobile workers?

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The most important business case for enterprise mobility is increased productivity. Armed with their own (or company-issued) mobile devices and innumerable mobile apps, today’s enterprise employees are able to be as productive on the go as they are behind a desktop in the office. Theoretically, anyway. The truth, as most mobile workers know, is that […]

If you’re not enabling innovation, you’re enabling failure

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Investment in artificial technologies (AI) continues to grow, with tech giants such as Google, Apple, IBM and Intel snapping up promising AI startups and with billions of dollars in venture capital supporting commercial AI projects globally. As Forbes contributor Gil Press notes, use of AI in the enterprise is increasing. A Narrative Science survey predicts the percentage of […]

Could artificial intelligence replace the annual performance review?

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The ideal enterprise environment is one in which employees are treated fairly and respectfully, practices that typically pay dividends by inspiring productivity and company loyalty. But ideals are elusive in the real world, as employees tend to bring their human flaws and complications into the enterprise. One of the most damaging of these flaws is bias, the practice of […]

Chat bots and mobile: The perfect match?

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Business Insider recently released a report from its BI Intelligence unit exploring “the growing and disruptive bot landscape.” One of the key takeaways was this: “Chatbots are particularly well suited for mobile — perhaps more so than apps. Messaging is at the heart of the mobile experience, as the rapid adoption of chat apps demonstrates.” That […]