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New Mac malware on the loose: What you need to know

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In the past week, two relatively crude threats to Mac users have surfaced. The malware targets Apple’s operating system, now called MacOS. The first piece of malware, analyzed by researchers Claudio Guarnieri and Collin Anderson and dubbed MacDownloader, was used as part of an attack that targeted the U.S. defense and aerospace industries. The attackers created a fraudulent […]

Cloud spend outpacing traditional IT, spurring security investments

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According to a newly released report from IDC, the share of cloud IT infrastructure sales in the third quarter of 2016 has climbed to 39.2% of all IT infrastructure spending, up from 34.7% a year ago. According to IDC: Revenue from private cloud infrastructure sales grew 8.2% to $3.3 billion, and public cloud 8.0% to $5.1 […]

Ransomware attacks strike Elasticsearch servers hard

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On the heels of a ransomware attack on the MongoDB, which hit thousands of MongoDB databases accessible on the Web, thousands of users of Elasticsearch now find themselves under attack. Based on a thread in the public Elasticsearch support forum, the attack on poorly secured clusters began last week: Today I found that all indices on our Test […]

Manufacturers of home networking gear and IoT devices flagged for poor security

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Last week the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made it clear that it will be taking the security of home networking and IoT devices very seriously. The U.S. agency said that network equipment-maker D-Link put consumers’ privacy at risk due to the inadequate security of its computer routers and cameras. In a news release, the FTC announced that […]

Law firms targeted in hacks seeking insider info

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Last week, three Chinese hackers were charged with stealing inside information in order to profit from trading equities. According to an indictment unsealed Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017, in the Southern District of New York, the three were charged with “devising and carrying out a scheme to enrich themselves by obtaining and trading on material, nonpublic information […]

Encryption backdoors? Lawmakers say they’re not good for U.S. national interest

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The Encryption Working Group, a bipartisan group of lawmakers formed in March 2016, have concluded what many security experts have contended all along: encrypted data is essential to protect personal and private-sector privacy and to maintain economic success. For about nine months the group met with federal, state, and local governments, former government officials, private […]

8 must-reads about the email hack that potentially influenced the U.S. election

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One of the biggest stories in play now regarding cybersecurity is the potential involvement of  Russian state actors in the breach of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. The big question in the U.S. is to what extent the breaches and dissemination, primarily through WikiLeaks, of stolen email content may have tilted the election by manipulating public opinion. There are a […]

A new take on the cybersecurity talent gap

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There has been a lot of writing about the cybersecurity skills gap that challenges enterprises and government agencies. I’ve certainly written my share on the subject, including this post of mine from about a year ago, 5 Cybersecurity Gaps That Spell Opportunity In 2016. However, not everyone agrees that there is a dearth of cybersecurity talent. […]

The rise of ChatOps — and how to get adoption right

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With the rise of cloud services and the growing importance of productivity and collaboration in the workplace, enterprises are embracing messaging apps and incorporating “ChatOps” into their workflow. ChatOps is a powerful way to facilitate faster decision-making and problem-solving. The trend has been fueled by the popularity of tools such as HipChat, HuBot, Slack and others that offer chat-style, collaborative […]

6 classic hacker movies for your Thanksgiving weekend

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Who doesn’t love a good hacker movie? I know I do! The long Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a flick that puts cyber issues front and center. Not sure where to start? Well, here are six classics to put on your play list. Consider these the “must-sees” for anyone who wants […]