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Thoughts from a data scientist: Becoming competent may be easier than you think

The difference between a beginner and someone who is experienced is confidence, which seems circular because confidence is built through experience. But that is because we use “experienced” as a synonym for competence, and there is a misconception in the amount of experience needed to achieve competence. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite TEDx Talks […]

How to get started with machine learning in manufacturing

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Smart machines are changing the way we manufacture. Machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn without human help, creates new connections between manufacturing design and technologies like augmented reality. But it also changes the actual practice of manufacturing. Today, machine-learning technology is relatively easy to acquire, but getting started with real-world applications in manufacturing can be […]

Notes from a data scientist: Creating simulated data for reservation lengths

I’m a big fan of vicarious learning. Sharing experiences and mistakes makes us all smarter and able to do more. Here, I share a rather brutal learning experience I recently encountered with the hope that you may not go through the same pain with your own research. As my colleague Jerry Overton recently shared, CSC […]

Hesitant to adopt machine learning in 2017? This might change your mind

Intelligent machines are becoming a ubiquitous and essential part of business operations. Algorithms trained by faster, smarter data now play a key role in determining customer demand, increasing customer trust and delivering unprecedented productivity and intelligence to the enterprise. But despite the success of some early adopters, most machine learning projects fail. Regardless of their […]

Mastering data science: A ‘tweet sheet’

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In my course, Mastering Data Science, I teach best practices for designing data-driven improvements, making them real and driving change in the enterprise. While some instructors might create a cheat sheet, I’ve chosen to create a Tweet Sheet. The Tweet Sheet provides an interactive summary of the course’s main ideas. If you see something that […]

How to build (and execute) a real data strategy

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When I think of strategy, I imagine playing a game of chess, coming up with patterns that put me in a better position to win: “If I can get my knight and queen connected in the center of the board, I can force my opponent’s king into a trap in the corner.” But when I […]

Why a data career is a great choice

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It’s a great time to be a data professional. I’m amazed at the variety of specializations available, with titles like data scientist, data engineer, database administrator and data visualization engineer. But some might worry that a career in data would be too stressful or, worse, boring. Strata + Hadoop World is hosting a panel to talk about […]

Context turns big data into knowledge

It’s really hard to understate the importance of context— especially when it comes to data. Data is great, but it’s meaningless and even cumbersome without context. Put a sign up saying “Keep Out,” and most will ignore it. Put one up saying “Keep Out, Unexploded Bomb” and all but a foolish few will stay away. Data in […]

The Digital Fingerprint

There can be a dark side to tracking Web visitors, especially if user privacy isn’t properly respected. But the ability to correctly identify visitors can help uncover potential sources of fraud and improve cybersecurity. As a data scientist, I like the idea that machine learning may be able to help. When users visit a site, their Web browser shares information such […]

How to get a competitive advantage using data science

Data science already plays a significant role in specialized areas. Being able to predict machine failure is a big deal in transportation and manufacturing. Predicting user engagement is huge in advertising. And properly classifying potential voters can mean the difference between winning and losing an election. But the thing that excites me most is the […]