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Why IT needs to focus on contents over containers


We hear over and over again that enterprise IT must be better aligned with “the business” in order to build an internal brand that can survive. I’ve written many times about my disdain for the words “the business” because, quite frankly, I don’t know what else there would be to focus on as “enterprise” IT. As an […]

Will telehealth be fundamental to smart cities?


Think about how urban transportation strategy would change if citizens could travel by laptop or mobile device to a doctor visit. Research firm Markets and Markets reports that the telehealth market is expected to reach  $9.35 billion by 2021, from $2.78 billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 27.5%. This parallels the growth in the population […]

A rookie’s guide to mobile virtual reality for iPhone


The man-child boomer got the best of me, and I fell victim to the hype, going into one of my obsessive spells to try to learn everything possible about mobile virtual reality (VR) for iPhones. Despite 239 million iPhones sold, I knew that Apple, for whatever reason, wasn’t driving this craze. But I also knew I […]

Why customer personas matter

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I’ve spent much of my life in the media business trying to define the audiences that our editorial products were targeting. The reason was very simple. Advertisers were looking to share their messaging with the audiences most likely to buy their products. In the go-go days of print publications (those things called magazines), the audience research was pretty simple compared to today’s […]

What will 2017 bring to smart cities?


What do the pundits see the future holding for smart cities? Interestingly,  many of the predictions have to do with what smart cities will not do, rather than what they will accomplish. This maps with IDC’s prediction that by “2017, 75% of cities worldwide will fail to take full advantage of smart city data and […]

What to consider when rolling out big public sector programs


On a Friday night late last year, my home state of Massachusetts formally flipped the switch and converted to no-stop electronic tolling on the infamous Mass Pike. Everyone who has experienced no-stop electronic tolling appreciates the time savings it creates — and how it eliminates looking under floor mats for that extra quarter while going 50 mph. I still recall […]

The critical importance of emotional triggers in healthcare IT

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The influence of emotion in the healthcare IT marketing segment may be ready to skyrocket. I would argue that not since Y2K has there been more angst in the marketplace caused by the uncertainty generated by the U.S. election results. A recent headline in Healthcare IT News pretty much sums it up: Execs express dystopian view of Trump presidency’s […]

When rules actually inspire innovation


Our culture has almost a sense of hero worship for those who break loose from the confines of their corporate lives to live their dream and innovate without restriction. How many movies have you seen about a Wall Street or Madison Avenue executive who gives up the frenetic urban lifestyle to move to rural Vermont and start something […]

Raising your Machine Intelligence Quotient


With the enormous wave of machine intelligence technologies comes yet another hype curve of products that cover virtually every key product segment in the industry. Machine intelligence (MI) is no longer the sibling of artificial intelligence or what was pejoratively referred to as “machine intelligence as a magic box.” When MI is paired with Internet of Things […]

3 steps to build your post-digital personal brand  


My recent piece on evolving to the post-digital enterprise resulted in some expected pushback from the digerati about whether digital is even close to being past its prime. For many companies, there’s so much work still needing to be done to become digital that the thought of a post-digital world is incomprehensible. To my contrarian friends, I […]