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Population Health: A Real World View


In an era of escalating costs and increasing customer expectations, healthcare systems are struggling to supply ever-increasing demands for high-quality, patient-facing health and social care. By Professor Ben Bridgewater, Director of Healthcare Strategy, CSC, and former cardiac surgeon The challenges are clear. And, to a large extent, so are the solutions. These include: changing productivity […]

Staying Connected: Leveraging Data Across the Healthcare Enterprise


Population health has become one of the key priorities across healthcare. The question, therefore, is: How do you enable open access to data across entire healthcare systems to drive better insights and outcomes? By Pritam Potnis, Senior Product Advisor, Healthcare, CSC From a data supply chain point of view, this has presented a massive challenge. […]

Gaining Context: How the Patient Journey Must Be Self-Driven


In its Five-Year Forward View released in October 2014, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) announced its intention to help people manage their own health. In keeping with this, the NHS has launched various self-care programs and has begun measure how effective these are through a patient activation measure (PAM). By Clive Flashman, Global Head […]

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: A Doctor’s View


By and large, most healthcare systems are awash with data but short on insights. The advent of big data and analytics approaches is making it easier for organisations and individuals to use existing data to improve outcomes for individual patients, for the organisations themselves and for the wider health economy. By Professor Ben Bridgewater, Director […]

Connecting the Health Ecosystem: A Doctor’s View

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These days we all get a great digital experience from banking, transport and retail. But we get a completely different — and often substandard — experience when receiving or delivering health care. By Professor Ben Bridgewater, Director of Healthcare Strategy, CSC, and former cardiac surgeon As doctors, we know that the digital experience we deliver […]

Tracking the Patient Journey – From Engaged to Empowered to Activated


Patient engagement is the cornerstone of value-based care, and increasingly we’re seeing patients becoming – and more importantly wanting to become – more engaged in their own healthcare. But to encourage patients to take greater control over their healthcare and interact more effectively with their clinicians, they need to move from being engaged to empowered […]

What matters to digital leaders in healthcare?

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Healthcare organizations understand the benefits of a digital approach. Tools such as mobile applications to access patient data on-the-go, telemedicine to provide 24-hour or remote-care delivery, internal and external collaboration software and remote patient monitoring – just to name a few – are pushing the industry toward Healthcare 3.0. And that momentum should just keep […]

What Physicians Need to Know for 2017


These are exciting times for healthcare, with many forces at work shaping a new and hopefully better future for patients and physicians. For example, we are seeing great advances in genetic and immunology fields that will dramatically improve our abilities to diagnose and treat diseases in addition to our long heritage of improving surgical techniques […]

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

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At the end of 2016, Digital Health Intelligence – a leading source of healthcare technology news and comment in the UK – asked Philippe Houssiau, CSC’s UK Healthcare and Life Sciences Vice President, for his view on the year ahead. By Phil Hemmings, Product Marketing Director – Global Healthcare and Life Sciences, CSC This is […]

5 Reasons Why an Immediate Obamacare Repeal May Not Be in the Cards


As we are still reacting to the results of the U.S. presidential election, those of us in healthcare, including myself, are asking themselves THE question: What’s going to happen now to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare? Here are my thoughts on what might happen next. By Boris Rachev, Global Health Economist, […]