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Meeting consumer needs in today’s always-on insurance universe


In today’s world, the first pillar for success in insurance deals with accessibility and availability – enabling access anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Tools like mobile devices, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have completely reshaped the way we work and fueled our demand for always-on technology. This has meant that companies need […]

Tapping into digital minds in the London insurance market

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Modernisation, disruption, innovation … These days you can’t move in the London insurance market without seeing the topic in the headlines or hearing it discussed. But talk is cheap, as they say, and it’s clear that the digital-savvy generation is impatient to see things happen. We launched the CSC Digital Minds programme to engage a […]

How can insurers develop an agile IT infrastructure?

Cloud Computing And Wireless Communications

Insurers have always faced the challenge of taking products and solutions faster to market and doing so at lower cost. The sources of this challenge are not new – changing partner and customer expectations, increased and new competition and demanding regulators with perhaps the addition of the current financial climate. Insurers have risen to each […]

Changing culture in the insurance industry: Challenges and rewards

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Technology is only one part of the digital transformation package currently facing insurers, and probably the easier bit. To accelerate your business by embracing digital, leaders need to drive a shift in corporate culture that aligns behaviours, organisational structures and processes with technology – and understand the impact this will have on their customers. For […]

The vision of a global digital insurance marketplace

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Everyone accepts the need for the London insurance market to modernise but there is still no definitive consensus about how we get there. Modernisation has been slow for various reasons: a culture of doing business face-to-face; a pride in a centuries-old market; previous well-documented failures; and required consensus of market participants, to name a few. […]

Technology a key component to surviving in the modern reinsurance market

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At a recent meeting of a group of insurance and reinsurance industry leaders in Bermuda, we discussed market conditions such as innovation, technology change and regulation. Technology was identified as the most powerful tool to navigate through a storm of modern business challenges. The continuing soft market, increasing competition from third-party capital such as insurance-linked securities (ILS) and […]

Going digital can’t end with the customer experience

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Many insurers have focused their digital insurance efforts on the customer experience (CX). Smartphone capabilities, video claims, telematics technology – these technologies have a material impact on how the customer engages with insurance. And, thus far, they’ve largely defined the digital insurance debate. However, the customer experience is one part of a wider digital insurance […]

Making the business case: Telematics investment for UBI


The oldest challenge in business, both inside and outside the insurance industry, is how to get a positive return on investment. When it comes to telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) programs, that’s not always easy. Some believe, based on early industry experience, that it’s a “spend more to make less” proposition. In the U.S., many early […]

Finding success as a woman in FinTech


In this post, we introduce readers to Paula Wilson, marketing director at Xchanging, a CSC company. Wilson was recently named to the 2016 Women in FinTech Powerlist, a prestigious list published by Innovate Finance that celebrates the contributions of women in the development of the global FinTech sector. She is responsible for marketing Xchanging’s software business and business […]

Meet CSC’s London Market Modernization Lead

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Recently, CSC held its first Digital Minds Think Tank, which gathered an elite group of innovative professionals from broker, carrier and associated organisations within the square mile to share ideas and views on how digital technology could trigger positive change within the London Market. Led by Caroline Bedford, London Market Modernisation Lead for CSC, participants listened […]