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Password managers: Secure tool or single point of weakness?

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Let’s face it: Passwords are not only a hassle, they also don’t make the most effective locks. The average person has dozens of username and password combinations to remember. People who are very active online have hundreds of such combinations. It’s just impossible to remember them all, and that’s a big reason why people tend to use the same password […]

On the blockchain, nobody knows you’re a fridge

Making Smart Things Smarter with Smart Contracts Quote credit Richard G Brown: On The Blockchain Nobody Knows You’re a Fridge I happen to be the tech guy in my house and anything that breaks is automatically my problem and fault. This includes laptops, tablets and smartphones and extends to appliances and the occasional plumbing problem.   […]

Why consumer-market leader Android is an enterprise runner-up

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Google’s Android mobile operating system dominates the global consumer smartphone market with an 88% share through the third quarter of last year, compared to a 12% share for Apple’s iOS. The race is much closer in the U.S., where Android’s market lead in the three months ending in November 2016 was 55% to 44%, according […]

What’s trending in healthcare IT based on HIMSS17?

The same week the stars assemble for the Oscars, there’s a similar gathering of luminaries in the healthcare technology (HIT) sector. HIMSS, the largest trade association in the world for HIT professionals, is now the 5th largest trade show in America, with over 45,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors. There’s already a waiting list to exhibit at […]

On servers, serendipity and Superman

There is a fantastic line in the 1978 film Superman, penned by Mario Puzo of Godfather fame and delivered flawlessly by the actor Gene Hackman as the perfect nemesis, Lex Luthor: “Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum […]

Do voice activated assistants have a place in business?

Does the Voice Activated Assistant have a place in the business?   Yes it does. There are lots of voice activated assistants available to help us with our daily tasks. Some are built into mobile devices and some are purchased as specific items. The key is that they all respond to commands and can interact with […]

Voice command devices: Ear candy or something useful?

“Alexa! Heads or tails?” “Alexa! What’s the weather in Dubai?” “Alexa! Turn up the heat to 75 degrees.” “Alexa! Tell me a bedtime story.” Having lived through many hype curves dating back to the Pet Rock, I can’t recall one that has created more buzz than devices like the Amazon Echo that respond to voice […]

¿El futuro de la ciencia espacial?; un mapa tecnológico del universo

Siempre pensé que alguien me contaría cuál es el futuro de la ciencia espacial. Recuerdo haber estado en la conferencia de la Asociación de Información Geográfica (AGI) hace 8 años, intentando entender cómo podía impactar el espacio en nuestro mundo. Allí asistí a las primeras demostraciones de realidad aumentada en pantalla gigante y “caminar” a […]

Le futur des sciences spatiales: cartographie technique de l’univers

J’ai toujours pensé que le futur des sciences spatiales serait un domaine que d’autres personnes viendraient me raconter. Comme par exemple lorsqu’il y a 8 ans, j’étais assise dans l’auditoire de l’Association d’Information Géographique et j’écoutais le conférencier nous expliquer comment l’espace était en train de changer le monde. J’ai alors vu une des premières […]

What does your business need to consider when adopting SaaS?

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Of all public cloud services, Software as a Service — or SaaS — is the offering with the biggest potential. It truly is IT-as-a-utility, like water from the tap or power from a socket. SaaS applications provide end users with standardized functionality. They don’t require any involvement of the IT department. And every so often new features are […]