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¿El futuro de la ciencia espacial?; un mapa tecnológico del universo


Siempre pensé que alguien me contaría cuál es el futuro de la ciencia espacial. Recuerdo haber estado en la conferencia de la Asociación de Información Geográfica (AGI) hace 8 años, intentando entender cómo podía impactar el espacio en nuestro mundo. Allí asistí a las primeras demostraciones de realidad aumentada en pantalla gigante y “caminar” a […]

Le futur des sciences spatiales: cartographie technique de l’univers


J’ai toujours pensé que le futur des sciences spatiales serait un domaine que d’autres personnes viendraient me raconter. Comme par exemple lorsqu’il y a 8 ans, j’étais assise dans l’auditoire de l’Association d’Information Géographique et j’écoutais le conférencier nous expliquer comment l’espace était en train de changer le monde. J’ai alors vu une des premières […]

What does your business need to consider when adopting SaaS?

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Of all public cloud services, Software as a Service — or SaaS — is the offering with the biggest potential. It truly is IT-as-a-utility, like water from the tap or power from a socket. SaaS applications provide end users with standardized functionality. They don’t require any involvement of the IT department. And every so often new features are […]

Will telehealth be fundamental to smart cities?


Think about how urban transportation strategy would change if citizens could travel by laptop or mobile device to a doctor visit. Research firm Markets and Markets reports that the telehealth market is expected to reach  $9.35 billion by 2021, from $2.78 billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 27.5%. This parallels the growth in the population […]

El potencial digital de la gestión de infraestructuras


Las empresas encargadas de mantener una infraestructura eficiente, ya sea de carreteras, ferrocarriles, puertos, aeropuertos u otros servicios públicos, se enfrentan a desafíos sin precedentes para construir, operar, mantener y reemplazar sus activos más antiguos. Y lo están haciendo en un momento en que la economía digital está desarrollando herramientas y métodos que pueden transformar […]

Le potentiel digital de la gestion des infrastructures


Les entreprises en charge de la maintenance des infrastructures routières, ferroviaires, portuaires, aéroportuaires et des services publics sont confrontées à des défis inégalés pour la construction, l’exploitation, l’entretien et le remplacement des actifs vieillissants. Cela survient à un moment où l’économie numérique développe des outils et des méthodes qui peuvent fondamentalement transformer la pratique de […]

Why and how to collaborate on Windows 10 app updates


Another large migration of enterprise devices to Windows 10 has begun, and planning/deployment is commencing in most organizations. Many conversations I’ve had on this focus on features, compatibility and readiness for migration.  These are great discussions to have — but the answers need to be enabled by an increasingly weak and fragmented collaboration between IT, Business App Leads, […]

Now’s the time for the C-Suite to take joint responsibility for application platform decisions

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Here’s a novel, but controversial statement, “it’s time for the CEO, COO, CIO to start to take joint responsibility for application platform decisions.” For too many years now technical meritocracy has led the decision-making for the business with regard to platform selection. This includes, but is not limited to, servers, operating systems, virtualization, cloud and […]

A rookie’s guide to mobile virtual reality for iPhone


The man-child boomer got the best of me, and I fell victim to the hype, going into one of my obsessive spells to try to learn everything possible about mobile virtual reality (VR) for iPhones. Despite 239 million iPhones sold, I knew that Apple, for whatever reason, wasn’t driving this craze. But I also knew I […]

What does 99% app compatibility mean for Windows 10 adopters?


Microsoft has twice published (here and here) that customers report app compatibility over 99%. For most enterprise clients on Windows 7 today, that number has raised some eyebrows based on their experiences moving away from Windows 7. The 99% claim means that many clients will have fewer difficult apps to resolve compatibility issues. Still, the 1% for some clients could equate to 50 […]