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3 steps to achieve a truly variable cost structure in banking

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In the current economic climate, banks have to cut spending and find efficiencies wherever possible. However, many investment banks have substantial – and increasing — cost allocations that make it nearly impossible to lower costs and provide a constant challenge. Organizations are now discovering that cost transparency and a solid understanding of their allocation are […]

How an as-a-service model enables banks to prioritize agility and efficiency

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In the past, capital markets firms prioritized speed over everything else. They aimed to get as close to zero-latency trading as possible, even though the efforts often became costly and inefficient. This need for speed has only continued to grow but, elsewhere, increased pressure on margins has continued to mount. This means that, in the current […]

Are best-of-breed systems actually best for banks?

In the current marketplace, every bank wants to be a best-of-breed financial institution. Having the right technology and infrastructure in place can enable banks to innovate, to differentiate and to maintain a competitive edge. However, chasing best-of-breed technologies is not always the best way to become a best-of-breed bank. Instead, banks should opt for solutions […]

Bitcoins and blockchains

Before we really get started, I want to point out that there is a common misunderstanding that bitcoins and blockchains are terms for the same things – they are not. More of that to come. Blockchain has some rather superfluous statements surrounding it; such as ‘The Great economic leveler’, or Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen refers […]

4 keys to success in the banking digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a choice, but a banking business imperative. Most banks have known for quite some time that they need to digitize to remain competitive. And most have begun their digital transformations. However, each organization has taken a different path to becoming a truly digital organization, and some are much farther along than […]

Finding success as a woman in FinTech

In this post, we introduce readers to Paula Wilson, marketing director at Xchanging, a CSC company. Wilson was recently named to the 2016 Women in FinTech Powerlist, a prestigious list published by Innovate Finance that celebrates the contributions of women in the development of the global FinTech sector. She is responsible for marketing Xchanging’s software business and business […]

4 paths to better banking systems

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In 2016, we talked a lot about the future of banking and how the industry can prepare for the changes ahead. But the truth is, the future of banking is here. The industry has been thoroughly disrupted, and organizations that are not on top of their game are now playing catch up. A colleague of […]

How to become a relationship-focused bank

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Most of the Nordic universal banks seemingly seek guidance from a crystal ball in order to find their unique digital path. However, things are moving fast, and technology is driving big change. Banks need to speed up or risk losing market share to new entrants and digital players. Customers are looking for better banking experiences, 24/7. Most customers […]

Bankers view digital technologies as crucial for growth

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One of the biggest names in the financial services industry, Mastercard, is in the cloud. The New York-based provider of credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards and commercial and consulting services uses the cloud for several enterprise applications. And it’s far from alone. Financial companies are now actively pursuing digital technologies to drive business efficiencies […]

The confounding variable in banking infrastructures

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Last week, I wrote about the lurking variable in banking as it pertained to efficiency. This week, let’s talk a bit about confounding. Confounding is interesting in that it interacts with both the dependent and independent variable in a manner that could explain away some or all of the correlation between the two variables. In particular, […]