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¿El futuro de la ciencia espacial?; un mapa tecnológico del universo


Siempre pensé que alguien me contaría cuál es el futuro de la ciencia espacial. Recuerdo haber estado en la conferencia de la Asociación de Información Geográfica (AGI) hace 8 años, intentando entender cómo podía impactar el espacio en nuestro mundo. Allí asistí a las primeras demostraciones de realidad aumentada en pantalla gigante y “caminar” a […]

Le futur des sciences spatiales: cartographie technique de l’univers


J’ai toujours pensé que le futur des sciences spatiales serait un domaine que d’autres personnes viendraient me raconter. Comme par exemple lorsqu’il y a 8 ans, j’étais assise dans l’auditoire de l’Association d’Information Géographique et j’écoutais le conférencier nous expliquer comment l’espace était en train de changer le monde. J’ai alors vu une des premières […]

Enrolling in Artificial Intelligence Kindergarten


Building really intelligent machines, or so-called strong artificial intelligence (AI), is a daunting task for technology. I’ve worked on an approach that requires two technological novelties: One is a new way to organize knowledge; the other is a new way to acquire knowledge. Both heavily mimic biology. The resulting method is called AI-Kindergarten and allows for the […]

Putting machine learning into context

machine learning

Machine Learning is getting a lot more air time these days but are we actually sure what it is? The most common definition goes along the lines of: It gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (Arthur Samuel, 1959). This is an old quote but it has held the test of time. […]

Will telehealth be fundamental to smart cities?


Think about how urban transportation strategy would change if citizens could travel by laptop or mobile device to a doctor visit. Research firm Markets and Markets reports that the telehealth market is expected to reach  $9.35 billion by 2021, from $2.78 billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 27.5%. This parallels the growth in the population […]

What’s ahead for security and cloud adoption?

cloud-adoption-security CSC Blogs

2017 is believed to mark a major turning point in cloud adoption, bringing a rapid acceleration even among those companies and industries that have been reluctant to adopt the cloud in the past due to data security and privacy concerns. Marking a major shift from just two years ago, numerous CEOs and CIOs of global […]

Notes from a data scientist: Creating simulated data for reservation lengths

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I’m a big fan of vicarious learning. Sharing experiences and mistakes makes us all smarter and able to do more. Here, I share a rather brutal learning experience I recently encountered with the hope that you may not go through the same pain with your own research. As my colleague Jerry Overton recently shared, CSC […]

2017: The maturing of IoT and the Industrial Internet

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As enterprises start to realize how valuable Internet of Things (IoT) data is for improving production quality, design efficiency, supply chains, service capabilities, customer experience, partner relationships and more, they’re starting to formally strategize IoT adoption. In 2017, enterprises will look to invest in platforms that make it easier to incorporate IoT in their overall […]

2017: The rise of the Sinosphere and the Digital Silk Road

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The continued rise of the Sinosphere (the East Asian cultural sphere that has been historically influenced by China) in the digital economy is unquestionable and worth watching closely in 2017. The Silk Road — the famous trading route traveled by Marco Polo — enabled the flow of culture, ideas and goods from the East to […]

Défense : les technologies qui vont marquer 2017


C’est un classique en ce début d’année, lister les tendances qui vont influencer le marché pour les mois à venir. Pour le cas précis du secteur de la défense,  nous voyons une nouvelle génération de technologies qui sont susceptibles de marquer 2017, de par leur caractère disruptif ou les améliorations qu’elles apportent. Voici un aperçu […]