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What leadership style do you prefer?


I think we can all agree that there are a number of different leadership styles in the workplace, within families and our social circles. But perhaps the three most discussed and well defined leadership styles are these: transformational, transactional and laissez faire (a bit of French that translates “let them do [it]”). Transactional leaders are target-focused and systematic. They like to streamline processes […]

5 habits for digital leaders to adopt in 2017

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It’s common knowledge that by three weeks into the new year, most of us have already given up on those personal and professional resolutions we set in the countdown to 2017. Lose 10 pounds, exercise every day, expand your network, go for a big promotion – those sorts of goals are great to set, but […]

¿Sobrevivirán los CIOs a la evolución de las TI?


Hace unos días, compartí un artículo interesante en LinkedIn que aseguraba que los responsables de marketing tendrán en breve mayor participación en el presupuesto de TI que los CIOs. Y me sorprendió la discusión que provocó. Los comentarios iban desde citar el famoso artículo de Nick Carr, de hace una década, “Las TI no importan” […]

Les DSI survivront-ils à l’évolution de la technologie ?


La semaine dernière j’ai posté sur Linkedin un article qui expliquait comment les directeurs du marketing seront prochainement amenés à  contrôler une plus grande partie du budget informatique que les propres DSI. Les débats qui en ont découlé m’ont pour le moins surpris. Les commentaires, assez variés, citent le célèbre article de Nick Carr intitulé […]

Is management synonymous with leadership?

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When we hear the term “leader,” our minds instantly turn to our managers, CEOs, executives and other company higher ups. But they’re not the only leaders in our lives. What about our mothers/fathers, guardians, grandparents … friends? The concept of “leadership” usually indicates someone with power and control over another person, and it’s often attached to the workplace. But […]

Conducting your career like an orchestra

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More than 50 musicians gather on the stage and prepare their instruments for the concert: strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. The conductor steps up to the rostrum, raises her baton and the cacophony of multiple instruments stops. With another flick of her wrist, instruments are raised and beautiful music floats through the auditorium. The job […]

2017: Moving beyond the ‘post-truth’ phenomenon


The Oxford Dictionary named “Post-Truth” the word of the year for 2016. It was a year when political rhetoric based on emotions rather than facts tapped into the social psyche across much of the Western world, a trend that drove significant decisions that surprised many. Whilst pundits will continue to examine and explain this phenomenon, as will […]

CSC Blogs: 10 top posts of 2016

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As we wind down 2016 and celebrate the start of a new year, it’s a great time to reflect on the “year that was” in CSC Blogs. And what a year it was! The program grew substantially over the past 12 months as we added new voices, important topics and lots of intelligent, thoughtful content […]

Year in Review: Productivity, workplace and other topics with Technology Perspectives

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Just under 12 months ago, I reflected on the progress we had made with the Technology Perspectives blog that shares thought leadership from CSC technologists. I knew that there was more great content for us to share, and 2016 has started to see that coming out. Here are just a few chosen extracts from the year: We’ve […]

Consejos profesionales para gente joven


Si eres como yo, te dejarás aconsejar por tu círculo íntimo (colegas, amigos y familiares)  que saben lo que te conviene. Confías en ellos y valoras su interés. Sabes que te llevan por la dirección correcta y seguro que también haces lo posible por devolverles el favor, desde tus hijos a tu equipo más cercano, […]