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The 5 biggest cloud developments to watch in 2017

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It’s going to be another big year for the cloud in 2017. Let me count the ways. 1) Clouds will grow and grow. Forrester Research forecasts that public cloud spending will rise 29% this year to $146 billion, up from $114 billion in in 2016. That’s real money, and it doesn’t even take private clouds into […]

CSC Blogs: 10 top posts of 2016

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As we wind down 2016 and celebrate the start of a new year, it’s a great time to reflect on the “year that was” in CSC Blogs. And what a year it was! The program grew substantially over the past 12 months as we added new voices, important topics and lots of intelligent, thoughtful content […]

ITIL and DevOps: Complementary or contradictory?

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With the arrival of new technologies like virtualization and cloud, as well as new methods such as “agile,” pressure is on the release management and operations team to deliver development outputs to production more quickly. DevOps is a relatively new development that meets this need, raising many hopes for the faster, better delivery of new functions, from […]

DevOps certifications appear in the nick of time

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If you really want to get the most from your cloud, you need people who know DevOps. There’s only one little problem with that. How the heck do you know if someone really gets DevOps? Good question, and there didn’t used to be any good answers — other than, hire them and hope for the […]

The rise of ChatOps — and how to get adoption right

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With the rise of cloud services and the growing importance of productivity and collaboration in the workplace, enterprises are embracing messaging apps and incorporating “ChatOps” into their workflow. ChatOps is a powerful way to facilitate faster decision-making and problem-solving. The trend has been fueled by the popularity of tools such as HipChat, HuBot, Slack and others that offer chat-style, collaborative […]

Infra store – the next IT marketplace


We are all familiar with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store we visit every day to download apps, games and necessary updates for our phones and tablets. The app store model revolutionized the marketplace idea, making it easy for both software vendors and consumers to publish and install software without the hassles of […]

How to pick up DevOps without tears

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To really make use of the cloud, any cloud, you need to know DevOps. There’s only one little problem with that. No one really teaches DevOps 101 … until now. The Linux Foundation and edX, the nonprofit online learning platform will be offering a massive open online course (MOOC) for DevOps. The course, LFS161x – […]

Reducing mobile apps development time is becoming mission-critical


Last week I wrote about how enterprises trying to build an effective DevOps operation need the right mix of skills and teamwork. Enterprise Mobility Exchange contributor Eric Klein recently posted a piece about DevOps that delves into the importance of creating a DevOps culture to ensure the efficient development of mobile applications. Getting to that point […]

Does your enterprise have the right DevOps chops?

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DevOps continues to gain in popularity as more enterprises derive benefits, including faster deployment of apps, increased collaboration, greater use of apps by employees and customers and improved apps quality and performance, from this software development method. The growing demand for DevOps solutions has spurred increased spending on DevOps toolsets, Gartner said last year. But the […]

If everything is DevOps, then nothing is DevOps


Tom Healy of Jama Software published a blog entry entitled, “DevOps is Dead, Long Live DevOps” as did Andrey Akselrod and also Nir Cohen. Interestingly, I find these pieces to have related concerns but different reasoning. Clearly, there are naysayers within the IT community that don’t buy into the DevOps fanboi messaging; and that’s okay! Personally, I […]