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Why IT needs to focus on contents over containers


We hear over and over again that enterprise IT must be better aligned with “the business” in order to build an internal brand that can survive. I’ve written many times about my disdain for the words “the business” because, quite frankly, I don’t know what else there would be to focus on as “enterprise” IT. As an […]

Tapping into digital minds in the London insurance market

CSC digital-minds1 London insurance market

Modernisation, disruption, innovation … These days you can’t move in the London insurance market without seeing the topic in the headlines or hearing it discussed. But talk is cheap, as they say, and it’s clear that the digital-savvy generation is impatient to see things happen. We launched the CSC Digital Minds programme to engage a […]

2017: The rise of the Sinosphere and the Digital Silk Road

sinosphere-trends CSC Blogs

The continued rise of the Sinosphere (the East Asian cultural sphere that has been historically influenced by China) in the digital economy is unquestionable and worth watching closely in 2017. The Silk Road — the famous trading route traveled by Marco Polo — enabled the flow of culture, ideas and goods from the East to […]

What matters to digital leaders in healthcare?

digital healthcare leaders CSC Blogs

Healthcare organizations understand the benefits of a digital approach. Tools such as mobile applications to access patient data on-the-go, telemedicine to provide 24-hour or remote-care delivery, internal and external collaboration software and remote patient monitoring – just to name a few – are pushing the industry toward Healthcare 3.0. And that momentum should just keep […]

Going digital can’t end with the customer experience

Insurance data CSC Blogs

Many insurers have focused their digital insurance efforts on the customer experience (CX). Smartphone capabilities, video claims, telematics technology – these technologies have a material impact on how the customer engages with insurance. And, thus far, they’ve largely defined the digital insurance debate. However, the customer experience is one part of a wider digital insurance […]

How CSC MyWorkStyle empowers clients in #DigitalDisruption


2016 was a very exciting year for the CSC MyWorkStyle teams, with ongoing wins, the solution build and the solution deployment of tailored offering components to a range of large corporate clients. Clients included AMP (APAC), BlueScope Steel (APAC), Geoscience Australia, UK Metropolitan Police Service and Vattenfall (EMEA). You can find the CSC success stories and media releases here: […]

¿Sobrevivirán los CIOs a la evolución de las TI?


Hace unos días, compartí un artículo interesante en LinkedIn que aseguraba que los responsables de marketing tendrán en breve mayor participación en el presupuesto de TI que los CIOs. Y me sorprendió la discusión que provocó. Los comentarios iban desde citar el famoso artículo de Nick Carr, de hace una década, “Las TI no importan” […]

Les DSI survivront-ils à l’évolution de la technologie ?


La semaine dernière j’ai posté sur Linkedin un article qui expliquait comment les directeurs du marketing seront prochainement amenés à  contrôler une plus grande partie du budget informatique que les propres DSI. Les débats qui en ont découlé m’ont pour le moins surpris. Les commentaires, assez variés, citent le célèbre article de Nick Carr intitulé […]

Asia-Pacific emerging as digital trailblazer, thanks to mobility

asia-pacific mobility CSC Blogs

Given the huge number of mobile connections in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – 3.1 billion expected by 2020 — it should probably be no surprise that APAC companies plan to increase their use of mobile technologies in the years to come, more so than enterprises in other regions of the world. That finding came from […]

What will 2017 bring to smart cities?


What do the pundits see the future holding for smart cities? Interestingly,  many of the predictions have to do with what smart cities will not do, rather than what they will accomplish. This maps with IDC’s prediction that by “2017, 75% of cities worldwide will fail to take full advantage of smart city data and […]