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Breaking Down the Barriers Between Apps, Self-Diagnosis and the Physician

A growing number of consumers are embracing health apps, but questions remain about the use of such apps, particularly in relation to the conversation between patients and their physicians. In my most recent blog, I spoke about how an app might help patients communicate with their doctors in an evidential way. I also discussed how […]

Progressing the Conversation: How Apps Might Provide the Patient’s Experiential Evidence

When patients visit their doctors and are put on a course of treatment, they might recall being on that medication at some previous time and either not feeling terribly well when taking it or the medication having less than stellar efficacy. But how do they communicate that to their physicians in a compelling and evidential […]

Physician Engagement: Moving the Conversation to a Partnership

The concept of patient engagement is much touted, and certainly engaging with patients to help them change their behavior is an important element in improving health outcomes. But what about physician engagement? By Clive Flashman, Global Head of Mobility for Healthcare and Life Sciences, CSC. Very little is ever said about changing physicians’ behavior, since […]

What’s driving transformation in the health insurance industry?

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The healthcare sector is being buffeted by forces it has little control over. That an industry is facing challenges is not new, and, after all, trials and tribulations have a wonderful way of forcing companies or entire sectors to modernise for the benefit of all. However, what goes on at the chrysalis stage is critical […]

The softer side of ROI in healthcare data strategy

I found myself disoriented recently as I sat researching a conference on big data and analytics in the healthcare information technology (HIT) sector. I spent many years in my career developing feasibility studies to justify the return on investment (ROI) for expenditures in business units and procurement departments. But as I listened to Chief Medical Information Officers and […]

Siga conectado y aproveche los datos de su entidad sanitaria

La salud de la población es una de las grandes prioridades de las entidades sanitarias. La pregunta, por tanto, es: ¿cómo logro ampliar el acceso a la información de todos los sistemas de salud para obtener una visión más completa? Desde el punto de vista del suministro de los datos, esto ha planteado un enorme […]

Rester connecté: optimiser les données d’entreprise dans le secteur santé

La bonne santé de la population est devenue l’une des principales priorités des systèmes de santé. La question qui se pose est de savoir comment permettre un accès simple aux données dans l’ensemble des systèmes de soins de santé afin d’avoir accès aux informations et obtenir de cette manière de meilleurs résultats. Du point de […]

Constructing a continuum of trust in healthcare IT

Having spent the last 5 months firmly entrenched in the healthcare technology marketing sector, I’ve learned how important the word “continuum” is to patient care. Most often, it’s used in the context of “continuum of care,” referring to a seamless patient experience, regardless of where care is being dispensed. But that continuum of care can only work if […]

What’s trending in healthcare IT based on HIMSS17?

The same week the stars assemble for the Oscars, there’s a similar gathering of luminaries in the healthcare technology (HIT) sector. HIMSS, the largest trade association in the world for HIT professionals, is now the 5th largest trade show in America, with over 45,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors. There’s already a waiting list to exhibit at […]

Population Health: A Real World View

In an era of escalating costs and increasing customer expectations, healthcare systems are struggling to supply ever-increasing demands for high-quality, patient-facing health and social care. By Professor Ben Bridgewater, Director of Healthcare Strategy, CSC, and former cardiac surgeon The challenges are clear. And, to a large extent, so are the solutions. These include: changing productivity […]