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2017: The maturing of IoT and the Industrial Internet

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As enterprises start to realize how valuable Internet of Things (IoT) data is for improving production quality, design efficiency, supply chains, service capabilities, customer experience, partner relationships and more, they’re starting to formally strategize IoT adoption. In 2017, enterprises will look to invest in platforms that make it easier to incorporate IoT in their overall […]

¿Dudas sobre Machine Learning? Esto te hará cambiar de opinión


La expresión “Machine Learning” explica muy bien una disciplina cuya aplicación es ya  omnipresente y esencial en millones de operaciones comerciales. Los algoritmos, ahora más rápidos e inteligentes, resultan claves, a la hora de determinar la futura demanda de los clientes, aumentar su confianza y aportar niveles de productividad e inteligencia sin precedentes. Pero, a […]

Hesitant to adopt machine learning in 2017? This might change your mind

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Intelligent machines are becoming a ubiquitous and essential part of business operations. Algorithms trained by faster, smarter data now play a key role in determining customer demand, increasing customer trust and delivering unprecedented productivity and intelligence to the enterprise. But despite the success of some early adopters, most machine learning projects fail. Regardless of their […]

2017: Bigger, faster data makes for smarter machines


It’s that most wonderful time of the year, a time when our CTO, Dan Hushon, makes his technology predictions for the year ahead. For me, those predictions set the tone for the year to come and help me focus my attention on the trends that really matter. This year, the topic that has me most […]

¿Hay que echar el freno al coche autónomo?


Además de las nuevas formas de compartir trayecto, el coche autónomo está siendo la pieza clave de muchas estrategias actuales de ciudad inteligente. El proyecto de vehículo sin conductor de Google destaca en la larga lista mundial de futuristas ingenios urbanos. Pero está surgiendo también un gran debate en torno al reparto de responsabilidades, en […]

Les villes doivent-elles mettre un frein aux véhicules autonomes?


Tout comme l’autopartage, l’engouement pour les véhicules autonomes a été un élément clé de nombreuses stratégies pour les villes intelligentes (smart cities). La Google Car pourrait bien changer la donne du futurisme urbain à travers la planète. Mais se pose alors la question de la responsabilité en cas d’accident avec un véhicule autonome. Qui du […]

The digital twin

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With the rise of digital, manufacturers are finding themselves rich in data. Meanwhile, computing has emerged as the cheapest, most abundant resource that we can deploy against any problem. The problem in manufacturing is not the lack of new ideas and products, but the ability to design and build new products efficiently. A 2015 IDC […]

Should cities put the brakes on self-driving cars?


Along with ride-share, the autonomous vehicle movement has been a key element of many smart city strategies. Google’s self-driving car shows up on the game-changer list of many an urban futurist around the world. But there has been much debate about which party bares the liability in an autonomous vehicle accident. Is it the “driver” or […]

Can the auto industry chart a more secure future for itself?

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A year ago, a duo of hackers gave a reporter what had to be one of the wildest rides of his life when they managed to kill the engine of his Jeep while he was driving it. Anyone who drives a late-model car had to be concerned about the security of their connected vehicle after reading that […]

Auto industry is recovering, but the future looks uncertain

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Massive, if not staggering, changes are dramatically affecting the Manufacturing arena. The production for the Automotive industry, from afar, looks stellar in that a 17M Unit SaaR is virtually assured. However, most within the Automotive industry would agree that no one is sitting back, resting on laurels, watching metal leave factories while sipping on expensive […]