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¿El futuro de la ciencia espacial?; un mapa tecnológico del universo


Siempre pensé que alguien me contaría cuál es el futuro de la ciencia espacial. Recuerdo haber estado en la conferencia de la Asociación de Información Geográfica (AGI) hace 8 años, intentando entender cómo podía impactar el espacio en nuestro mundo. Allí asistí a las primeras demostraciones de realidad aumentada en pantalla gigante y “caminar” a […]

Le futur des sciences spatiales: cartographie technique de l’univers


J’ai toujours pensé que le futur des sciences spatiales serait un domaine que d’autres personnes viendraient me raconter. Comme par exemple lorsqu’il y a 8 ans, j’étais assise dans l’auditoire de l’Association d’Information Géographique et j’écoutais le conférencier nous expliquer comment l’espace était en train de changer le monde. J’ai alors vu une des premières […]

Virtual reality for enterprise marketers not quite reality yet

Virtual reality in the workplace CSC Blogs

An increasing number of enterprise marketing departments are aggressively embracing — and, in many cases, allocating marketing budget dollars toward — emerging technologies. That’s great; in fact, the digital economy demands (and rewards) agility and forward-thinking. But as with comedy, timing is key to the effective use of new technologies. And according to one major technology […]

How to drive successful end-user adoption in the digital workplace


Today’s digital workplace provides us with a consumer-like experience that promises better collaboration and increased personal productivity. Some of this comes from allowing personal choice in the devices and (in some cases) applications we use for work, but much of this is enabled by feature-rich product suites such as Office 365. To realise the benefits in collaboration and productivity […]

Réenchanter l’expérience aérienne, avec l’IoT et les technologies mobiles


Si vous avez prévu de prendre l’avion prochainement, pour le travail ou les loisirs, ne soyez pas surpris si vous observez que les compagnies aériennes et les agences de voyages tirent parti de la technologie mobile et de l’Internet des objets (IoT) pour faire des voyages une expérience plus agréable. Alors que les avantages des […]

Movilidad e IoT para mejorar la vida de pasajeros y empleados aéreos


Si está a punto de coger un avión, ya sea por negocios o placer, no se extrañe de que su línea aérea o agencia de viajes le sorprenda con algunas de las posibilidades que la tecnología móvil y el Internet de las cosas (IoT) están ofreciendo para hacer de su viaje una experiencia más agradable. […]

Enrolling in Artificial Intelligence Kindergarten


Building really intelligent machines, or so-called strong artificial intelligence (AI), is a daunting task for technology. I’ve worked on an approach that requires two technological novelties: One is a new way to organize knowledge; the other is a new way to acquire knowledge. Both heavily mimic biology. The resulting method is called AI-Kindergarten and allows for the […]

5G will transform enterprise mobile

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Some big changes to network speed and mobile applications are just around the corner, and enterprises would be wise to prepare. So says a comprehensive annual report from enterprise consultancy Deloitte. Perhaps the most significant development for enterprise mobile initiatives is the rollout of 5G, the fifth generation of cellular networks. Deloitte predicts “significant tangible steps toward the […]

Wishful thinking is not a mobile security strategy

IoT security wishful thinking CSC Blogs

Fear is a gift. Sure, it can generate anxiety and discomfort, but fear is a gift because it has the power to motivate changes in behavior that can improve our well-being. We probably all know someone who has redesigned his or her diet and lifestyle after a big health scare. There are endless other examples of fear-based behavior modification, […]

A rookie’s guide to mobile virtual reality for iPhone


The man-child boomer got the best of me, and I fell victim to the hype, going into one of my obsessive spells to try to learn everything possible about mobile virtual reality (VR) for iPhones. Despite 239 million iPhones sold, I knew that Apple, for whatever reason, wasn’t driving this craze. But I also knew I […]