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Will the computer mouse go the way of the rotary phone?

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Ever hear stories about how when millennials, as children, were shown old rotary-dial telephones, they would press on the numbers instead of rotating the “dial” clockwise? (I’m not making this up.) Well, not many years from now, you can expect a blank stare from the recent college grads in your department when you sit them down in […]

Where is the cloud workplace on the technology adoption life cycle?

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In 1962 Everett Rogers proposed a generalized model of technology adoption, which described how new ideas and technologies spread, in his book Diffusion of Innovations. The model is based on a Bell Curve split into several phases: Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards As an innovation moves through the various phases, it’s diffused across […]

Driving adoption to maximise your digital workplace benefits


In part one of this series, I talked about defining successful digital workplace adoption for your organisation and identifying activities and behaviours to measure success. In this article, I am going to cover the overall approach to adoption. One possibility I brought up in my last post was to impose adoption by removing access to old services or banning things […]

Virtual reality for enterprise marketers not quite reality yet

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An increasing number of enterprise marketing departments are aggressively embracing — and, in many cases, allocating marketing budget dollars toward — emerging technologies. That’s great; in fact, the digital economy demands (and rewards) agility and forward-thinking. But as with comedy, timing is key to the effective use of new technologies. And according to one major technology […]

What leadership style do you prefer?


I think we can all agree that there are a number of different leadership styles in the workplace, within families and our social circles. But perhaps the three most discussed and well defined leadership styles are these: transformational, transactional and laissez faire (a bit of French that translates “let them do [it]”). Transactional leaders are target-focused and systematic. They like to streamline processes […]

How to drive successful end-user adoption in the digital workplace


Today’s digital workplace provides us with a consumer-like experience that promises better collaboration and increased personal productivity. Some of this comes from allowing personal choice in the devices and (in some cases) applications we use for work, but much of this is enabled by feature-rich product suites such as Office 365. To realise the benefits in collaboration and productivity […]

Intel is getting ready for a post-PC world

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Moore’s Law — which states that processing power doubles every two years — has been a guiding principle of computing for decades. But technological progress finally may be outpacing Moore’s Law, and chipmaker Intel wants to be ready. As IDG News Service reports, Intel is spending money developing “technologies to drive computing beyond today’s PCs […]

Productivity and collaboration require the right workplace environments

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A growing number of technologies allow enterprise employees to work in ways that seemed inconceivable 10 years ago. Cloud computing, wireless, mobile and other technologies now enable a home-based developer in Europe to collaborate with development teammates at headquarters in the U.S., or a traveling EVP of sales to meet remotely with the marketing team to strategize […]

Why and how to collaborate on Windows 10 app updates


Another large migration of enterprise devices to Windows 10 has begun, and planning/deployment is commencing in most organizations. Many conversations I’ve had on this focus on features, compatibility and readiness for migration.  These are great discussions to have — but the answers need to be enabled by an increasingly weak and fragmented collaboration between IT, Business App Leads, […]

What does 99% app compatibility mean for Windows 10 adopters?


Microsoft has twice published (here and here) that customers report app compatibility over 99%. For most enterprise clients on Windows 7 today, that number has raised some eyebrows based on their experiences moving away from Windows 7. The 99% claim means that many clients will have fewer difficult apps to resolve compatibility issues. Still, the 1% for some clients could equate to 50 […]