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The mobile revolution has only just begun

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Nearly a decade ago, the first enterprise CEO walked into the office with his or her brand-new iPhone and told the CIO, “I want to use this to access my work files and accounts.” That CIO presumably snuck out for a drink — but the consumerization of the enterprise was under way. Since then, everyone from […]

La realidad virtual para el marketing de empresa aún no ha llegado

Un número cada vez mayor de departamentos de marketing está abrazando con fuerza, en muchos casos, asignando fondos de su presupuesto, a las tecnologías más emergentes. Eso es genial; de hecho, la economía digital exige (y recompensa) la agilidad y la visión de futuro. Pero, al igual que en la comedia, el ritmo es la […]

Marketing : la réalité virtuelle est encore de la science-fiction

Dans les entreprises, de plus en plus de départements marketing adoptent et investissent dans les technologies émergentes. En soi, c’est une excellente nouvelle, l’économie numérique requiert d’être agile et à l’avant-garde des dernières tendances. Mais il en est comme avec l’humour, un bon timing est la clé de l’utilisation efficace des nouvelles technologies. Et selon […]

Better vendor management through program management

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The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) defines vendor management (also known as supplier relationship management)  as the process that “involves reviewing the portfolio of suppliers, categorising supply relationships by their significance, devoting resources in proportion to the relationship’s significance and managing processes between the parties to realise the relationship objectives.” Traditionally procurement is […]

Workplace of the future still mostly in the future

Many enterprises today are aggressively embracing digital technologies such as mobile apps and collaboration software, as well as workspace strategies, such as desk hoteling and modular spaces, to be more productive and efficient. But a survey report from TECHnalysis Research concludes that “most companies still have work environments, policies and tools rooted in the past.” […]

What women in IT can learn from Shakespeare

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Over the last two years participating in Women in Leadership in CSC, I have met many women from all around the world who love technology. What brings us together is our relationship with technology and a love for what we do: We love to help our clients transform and understand how technology can make a huge difference in their organisations. On International Women’s […]

Why women leaders matter to transformation efforts

What gives companies the leading edge? Research has shown that companies do better with women on the governing boards. But considering that male counterparts are still the majority, what is it that we, as women, can bring to the table to tip the success rate over the edge? I recently read a Psychology Today article that described certain qualities both men and […]

The top traits employees need to succeed in the digital economy

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The Wall Street Journal has a great interview with two technology industry experts about what enterprises need to do to find and keep the best employees. Bottom line? Create an environment that instills a sense of pride in workers and encourages entrepreneurial behavior. Let’s flip the question, though: What should enterprises be looking for in the “best” […]

Why consumer-market leader Android is an enterprise runner-up

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Google’s Android mobile operating system dominates the global consumer smartphone market with an 88% share through the third quarter of last year, compared to a 12% share for Apple’s iOS. The race is much closer in the U.S., where Android’s market lead in the three months ending in November 2016 was 55% to 44%, according […]

Enterprises could (but often don’t) do this one thing to dramatically reduce risk

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What is the one technique involved in almost every security breach? Phishing. Nearly every major breach starts with some sort of phishing attack, in which nefarious individuals send reputable-looking emails with the goal of getting the recipient to reveal information or click on a malicious link. Perhaps it’s an assistant opening what he or she thinks is a contract for […]