Meeting consumer needs in today’s always-on insurance universe


In today’s world, the first pillar for success in insurance deals with accessibility and availability – enabling access anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Tools like mobile devices, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have completely reshaped the way we work and fueled our demand for always-on technology. This has meant that companies need […]

Why IT needs to focus on contents over containers


We hear over and over again that enterprise IT must be better aligned with “the business” in order to build an internal brand that can survive. I’ve written many times about my disdain for the words “the business” because, quite frankly, I don’t know what else there would be to focus on as “enterprise” IT. As an […]

3 steps to achieve a truly variable cost structure in banking

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In the current economic climate, banks have to cut spending and find efficiencies wherever possible. However, many investment banks have substantial – and increasing — cost allocations that make it nearly impossible to lower costs and provide a constant challenge. Organizations are now discovering that cost transparency and a solid understanding of their allocation are […]

Good enough is never good enough, right?

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Good enough is never good enough, right? Have you ever drawn, rehearsed, practiced, written something 1,000 times, starting over again and again, wanting something so much that everything you do becomes “never good enough?” Never good enough is a philosophy that pushes us toward choosing the riskier more original idea, right? It also encourages us to never stop learning. […]

Transforming the Regulatory Environment Through as-a-Service

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The cloud is gaining huge ground across all industries as companies seek greater flexibility and reduced costs. Cloud can transform the way life sciences companies maneuver the changing regulatory landscape. But putting an as-a-service or cloud solution in place requires careful consideration, including identifying the stakeholders, defining your reason and goals, establishing a clear plan, […]

Where is the cloud workplace on the technology adoption life cycle?

Flying above the clouds

In 1962 Everett Rogers proposed a generalized model of technology adoption, which described how new ideas and technologies spread, in his book Diffusion of Innovations. The model is based on a Bell Curve split into several phases: Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards As an innovation moves through the various phases, it’s diffused across […]

Driving adoption to maximise your digital workplace benefits


In part one of this series, I talked about defining successful digital workplace adoption for your organisation and identifying activities and behaviours to measure success. In this article, I am going to cover the overall approach to adoption. One possibility I brought up in my last post was to impose adoption by removing access to old services or banning things […]

Virtual reality for enterprise marketers not quite reality yet

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An increasing number of enterprise marketing departments are aggressively embracing — and, in many cases, allocating marketing budget dollars toward — emerging technologies. That’s great; in fact, the digital economy demands (and rewards) agility and forward-thinking. But as with comedy, timing is key to the effective use of new technologies. And according to one major technology […]

Tapping into digital minds in the London insurance market

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Modernisation, disruption, innovation … These days you can’t move in the London insurance market without seeing the topic in the headlines or hearing it discussed. But talk is cheap, as they say, and it’s clear that the digital-savvy generation is impatient to see things happen. We launched the CSC Digital Minds programme to engage a […]

Staying Connected: Leveraging Data Across the Healthcare Enterprise


Population health has become one of the key priorities across healthcare. The question, therefore, is: How do you enable open access to data across entire healthcare systems to drive better insights and outcomes? By Pritam Potnis, Senior Product Advisor, Healthcare, CSC From a data supply chain point of view, this has presented a massive challenge. […]